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Mr. Clegg has been a practicing attorney for nearly 42 years.  He entered the legal profession by serving as interns in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department in Washington, D.C. and the District Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, California.  He also briefly worked for the Legal Aid Foundation (1972-1974) and in private practice for the firm of Edelen, Meshack, Clegg and Calhoun in Compton, California (1974-1977).
In 1977, Mr. Clegg was appointed deputy city attorney for the City of Compton by then City Attorney Clarence E. Blair.  In 1981, Mr. Clegg was appointed chief deputy city attorney by Mr. Blair’s successor, Wesley Fenderson Jr. Following Mr. Fenderson’s death, Mr. Clegg was appointed city attorney by the Compton City Council in 1993 and thereafter won four elections for the seat.  After 15 years as City Attorney of Compton, Mr. Clegg retired in 2008.  He is now in private practice in Long Beach, California.
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